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bridge pedal n' ribs

Talk about consistent: last year I finished the 36-mile route in 2.5 hours. This year my total time was 2 hours and 40 minutes, but that's including an unintended break where the traffic bottlenecked to get over the Ross Island Bridge.

I decided not to join a team this year, simply because I know I like to go my own pace. More specifically, I prefer not to take breaks that often, or stop at any of the hundred-or-so rest stops and attractions set up along the way. And I like to pass people.

This year I decided to count, in fact. I lost track a few times, but my count of the (moving) bicyclists I passed when I reached the finish line was 1,958 (give or take about 50, but I was careful to keep accurate count of the hundreds). I myself was passed about 50 times.

Also, last year I drove L's truck downtown with my bike in the back, did the ride, and then drove home. This year I biked downtown and back home afterwards, so adding in the 10 miles for that, I did about 45 miles today. That's probably the most I've biked in a day, let alone on the same "trip."

I'm so beat. But I feel fantastic.

The rest of the day will be spent cleaning up my place and getting ready for some dinner guests. I'll by trying my hand at spareribs on the OMINATOR today. I rubbed them down with a brown sugar-based dry rub I concocted last night, and I might try a bourbon-based sauce to dab on them during the final hour or so. Who knows, I'm more or less experimenting at this point. :)

Betsy, Steve, and Erin have bravely stepped forth to sample my efforts. Hopefully their reaction will be along the lines of "OMG MEAT OM NOM NOM NOM," but we'll see.
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