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How could I have gotten this one wrong?

A man traveled from Meridell to Brightvale, 50 miles away, with his pet parakeet. When he arrived in Brightvale, he let the parakeet fly free while he traveled back to Meridell, at a speed of 10 miles per hour. The parakeet, who flies at 25 miles per hour, arrived at Meridell and promptly turned around until he got to the man. Once he got to the man, he turned around and returned to Meridell. He continued to fly back and forth between the man and Meridell until the man reached Meridell.

How many miles total did the parakeet travel on this trip?

Here's the solution:

The parakeet's total distance is the sum of both parts of the trip. The parakeet travels 50 miles on the way from Meridell to Brightvale, and flies the entire time the man is walking on return trip. Since the man walks at 10mph, it takes him 5 hours to traverse the 50-mile distance. The parakeet is flying at 25mph for 5 hours, meaning that the parakeet flies 125 miles on the return trip. The total distance traveled by the parakeet is 50 + 125 = 175 miles.

Here's how I got it wrong:

I was so pleased at my own cleverness in figuring out that it was simply a function of how long the parakeet was in flight that I forgot to add in the distance it traveled on the first leg of the trip.

In other words, I missed something obvious by congratulating myself for being so smart.

This is not fitting in so well with the island perimeter resolution.

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