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I can't seem to get my eyes all the way open today, it still feels like most of my brain is asleep.

I had a strange dream about one of my co-workers this morning ... I was somewhere in a warm place that had a laid-back, vacation-in-Mexico feel to it, outside at night, having drinks with friends underneath strings of lights through which the stars were bright against the sky. The setting had the feel of a small, casual gathering at someone's desert home.

I received a phone call from my co-worker, or maybe someone handed me the phone, and somehow I was checking e-mail at the same time, reading an e-mail message--from him--while simultaneously talking to him on the phone. His voice sounded plaintive, but in a subdued manner, as if he was reluctant to trouble me with his own problems, but I could tell that he wanted to tell me something.

I somehow had the impression in my dream that he was on vacation as well, somewhere close by; maybe we'd gone on this trip together and were in different places tonight. We made small talk as my eyes scanned his e-mail, the bottom few lines of which told me that he'd unexpectedly separated from his wife. Somehow knowing that he knew I was reading the e-mail, yet unsure how to bring it up in our conversation, I made plans to meet with him later; he sounded relieved. All I could think about was his two kids, and how I'd never suspected that there were problems between him and his wife.

At that point, I woke up, but about 45 minutes prior to my alarm. Usually I don't wake up unless something makes an unexpected noise, but I couldn't hear anything. Even so, I couldn't get back to sleep for about 15 minutes, thinking about him, wondering if he's ok.

This morning I keep trying to find an excuse to randomly visit his office, but my friendship with him isn't exactly one in which I feel comfortable spontaneously broaching this.
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  • le butt

    ... less about a half-pound of test pieces (spritzed with bourbon and apple juice).

  • IT IS TIME ...

    ... to rub the butt. ETA: butt is rubbed, wrapped, and refridged; smoking commences in approximately 30 hours.

  • 12:50am, sunday ...

    ... time to barbecue.

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