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IKEA photo scavenger hunt

I am re-thinking the wisdom of some of my activities today ...

First, a quick bit of history. Plans for Isaac's birthday in late July called for river tubing, and, Oregon being Oregon, it was overcast and a little chilly that day. Brilliant, creative, and never one to allow a few clouds to get in the way of fun, Erin hit the Internets and found a blog entry detailing an IKEA photo scavenger hunt. She and Isaac, along with Betsy and Brandon, headed out, camera and list in hand, and made history ... here is the image gallery from their Inaugural Portland IKEA Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Over the past few months, Erin solicited ideas for Version 2.0 of the IPSH. We compiled a list of about 55 scenarios to photograph (here's a link to the list in her journal), with the idea that a few teams might compete, or at the very least, have a good time and/or get kicked out.

Enduring excuses such as "work," "studying," "football," and "I don't want a criminal record, thanks," Erin patiently cat-herded and rescheduled the event a few times, but successfully assembled a group to execute IPSH 2.0 this afternoon. We were:
  • Erin (emakelle),
  • Peter (Erin's co-worker),
  • Kris (sushi4k),
  • myself, and
  • Don (bellybalt), who managed to evade being photographed, being that it was his camera
I should mention at the start that we put everything back exactly as we found it, when setting up the shots, and didn't disrupt any shoppers. Promise.

Click on any pic for a larger one.

1. Photo of all team members by the JEFF chair sign, making a goofy JEFF face.

We're in the order I listed us above:

2. Photo of team members seated around a conference table in the middle of a very, very important meeting (e.g. layoffs). Possibly with waste baskets on their heads.

5. Photo of ENTIRE TEAM rolled inside Ikea rugs

6. Photo of team members taking a swig of alcohol beside or behind an Ikea employee

It's blurry, but it's tequila.

7. Photo of team members dressed as the dynamic duo, Ikeaman and The Flat-Packaged Wonder

IKEAwoman pictured.

9. Photo of mommy catching daddy trying something bad with little Timmy in his bedroom

Mommy was, um, standing guard so no one wandered into this little scenelet.

10. Photo of team members hiding from a monster trying to eat them. (Bonus points for getting your entire team into a wardrobe. More bonus points if you convince a non-team member to be your monster)

No bonus points; Don and I weren't in there. And I was being the monster.
Then again, as the only team, we had no competition.

12. Photo with the hand/heart pillow grabbing various parts of team members bodies, the dirtier the better

15. Photo of team members reenacting a scene from a [Disney/Pixar/Godfather/Star Wars/Bourne] movie

Erin did Snow White; Petey and I did Gremlins

16. Photo of team members doing exactly [what/the opposite of] a sign says

17. Photo of two or more GESTALTA in a compromising position

There were actually quite a few shots for this one.

19. Photo of team member passed out after a night of drinking in the most improbable place ever

Erin and Petey in the elevator, and then Erin in a fridge.

20. Photo of team members and two or more willingly participating bystanders busting a move at a rockin house party in a furnished display room

We asked a few people, but no one wanted to get jiggy with us. One dude said "I can't be on the Internet, sorry."

21. Bumper carts!

22. After 6 days, the team members finally locate the elusive HYKKSVORP

Erin reenacts Indie's switcharoo scene from Raiders, with the HYKKSVORP.

24. Photo of team members competing in Jeopardy-like buzz-in game show

I like the second one, we found these glass things that looked like buzzers.

25. Photo of team members posing four willingly participating bystanders into YMCA configuration, GESTALTA-style. Bonus points of GESTALTA are similarly formed in the foreground

Yes. Well, again, we didn't have any luck finding volunteers.

29. Using complimentary packing twine, a team member is secured to a vehicle for safe transport home

Petey is being secured to Kris' car. I'm next.

31. Photo of entire team in IKEA display bed, under the covers

Don declined to join us.

32. Photo of entire team reenacting iconic historical painting or photo (examples: Iwo Jima, Washington Crossing the Delaware, The Last Supper, etc.)

"The Last Supper." Petey looks the most Messianic of us, so he's the Jesus.

33. Photo of team members stocked on a shelf in Self Service area, with one being removed and loaded up on a cart by another team member

35. I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

37. Photo of team members searching for (and finding) the Farfegnugen

38. Ikea, after hours ...

We had a small audience for this one. When we explained the IPSH and this particular photo,
one woman handed us her baby's bottle as a prop. Still trying to figure that one out.

39. Photo of team members re-enacting shower scene from Psycho in the smallest bathroom display in the store

Erin opted to keep her clothes on.

40. Photo of four or more team members having a family argument in the kitchen

41. Dr. Hvannskorp, I presume?

43. Photo of team member(s) meditating on one of the flatpack carts in a most unlikely place

45. Apparently the As-Is Section sells gently-used humans now ...

47. Photo of team members in the middle of the Rug Department Lunchtime Yoga Class (matching yoga mats, natch)

48. Photo of Austin Powers impression/reenactment on round bed

49. Photo of losing tic-tac-toe move resulting in dramatic death of losing team member player

50. The IKEA Yeti attacks! ONOZ!

51. Photo of team member taking nap on smallest thing possible in demo home

Petey's wasn't in a demo home, but we couldn't resist.

52. Photo of sign of most sexually suggestive IKEA name

This one wasn't easy.

53. Photo of team member wearing most un-hat-like IKEA product as a hat

There are many un-hat-like things at IKEA, but this one won.

54. Photo of team member on toilet in demo home, pants ankled, reading magazine

The lids are screwed down so they can't lift up. And I couldn't locate a magazine.
We had a very compressed time-frame for this one. Everyone had to stand guard while Don shot.
I ducked into the shower right next to the toilet to zip up.

55. Photo of team members trying on clothing from closet in demo home

They clip all of the clothing to the hangers, so this was the best we could do.

EDIT: Additional photos from Petey's cam posted HERE.

And a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, we weren't able to do all of the listed photos ... some would have been a bad idea, some wouldn't have been allowed by the staff.

IPSH 3.0, anyone? wOOt!

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  • don't trvst anyone

    Met a guy today with a Peace dollar to sell. Usually I don't arrange meetings for just one coin, but this one was a date I've been looking for…

  • wish i could slow it

  • adventures in craigslisting

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