Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

IKEA photo scavenger hunt, addendum

I posted the original set of IPSH 2.0 pictures yesterday, as did Erin ... and Don ... and Kris ... and Don, again ...

Petey, the non-LJ'ing member of the team, had a few more pics on his camera, which Erin has graciously allowed me to repost.

14. Photo of a team member getting a partial birth abortion in the children's department.

I ... um, I don't know.

23. Photo of sculpture of identifiable landmark built with lingonberry products.

Viola! It's Giza.

27. Homicide investigation in the Marketplace kitchen utensil section.

Erin was the unfortunate victim of yet another all-too-common cart-by whisking.
The paper tape measures made an excellent chalk body outline.

46. Snozzberry?! What's a snozzberry?

Erin briefly reprises her Veruca Salt impression.
Tags: friends, ipsh

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