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We're rarely political here at Blue Dog Blog, Inc., but every once in a while, an issue merits note.

That, or one of my friends runs for political office and I use this e-soapbox to tout his or her sterling character and astonishingly forward-thinking values.

My buddy, Rob Milesnick, just announced his candidacy for County Commissioner of Multnomah County, District 3.

Multnomah County is home to over 650,000 people, who are represented by the County Commission. The county is divided into four districts, with independent commissioners elected to four year terms to represent each district of approximately 160,000 people. Only voters in each district may vote for that District's Commissioner. The Chair of the county is elected countywide, and all of Multnomah County can vote for the Chair. Unlike the City of Portland, where each commissioner sits at the head of a city bureau, county commissioners have greater autonomy and do not oversee specific agencies.

The county is primarily responsible for the County Courthouse, Jails, Parole & Probation, County Libraries, schools in partnership with Portland, Health and Human Service (including mental health and addictive services), the six major bridges that span the Willamette, and about 20 smaller bridges throughout the county.

Although I can't vote for Rob (I live in District 2), I unhesitatingly vouch for his sincerity and integrity, as well as for the eagerness with which he is pursuing this position. I've talked politics informally with him several times, and I'm constantly impressed by his depth of knowledge, completeness of analysis, and ability to objectively consider and decide among several different possible approaches to an issue. He's a fantastic guy who knows how to listen and respond.

Rob wrote a post on BlueOregon recently (HERE), explaining why he's running for County Commissioner. His platform is "A Healthy County, a Smart County, a Safe County, a Working County." There's more info, as well as a dashing pic of him wearing a yellow power tie, on his website.
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