Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

alien love triangle

In my dream last night, I was seeing one alien woman and being pursued by another.

The setting was familiar, but foreign: the surroundings were vague but had the feeling of a larger American city, but inhabited by several different races of human-like beings. Everyone looked like humans, in terms of size, shape, color, and body type, but each could be identified as a member of a particular (alien?) race via some tangible characteristic, as easily as distinguishing between, for example, different kinds of fruit. As such, although I can't now recall how, my dream-self could innately identify any person's race at a glance.

Also, although social interaction seemed normal, my dream-self was acutely aware of an undercurrent of danger, because factions of several of these races were continually competing for supremacy by eradication or subjugation of one or more other races.

The woman I was seeing, and the woman who was pursuing me, were respectively members of two particularly ferocious and populous races that were trying to wipe each other out; I was a member of neither.

Also, I don't now recall the background in terms of my relationship with either woman, but I knew (1) that I had previously been seeing the woman who was now pursuing me, (2) that both of them knew of each other, and (3) that the woman pursuing me was doing so only under the guise of dating, but really wanted to use me for information about the race of the woman I was seeing.

(The woman I was previously seeing looked like a girl that I dated prior to law school, who was in fact the catalyst for me going to law school, but we weren't a good match as a couple; the woman I was currently seeing looked like no one I recognized.)

Most of the action involved me accompanying the woman I was seeing to a large building so she could retrieve something, but because the building (apartments? condos? headquarters?) was somehow associated with her race, I had to wait in the lobby while she went up. On our way there, the other woman had called and texted me, and had also left a couple voicemails earlier in the day that she wanted to see me, which I read and listened to while waiting in the lobby. Her tone throughout was playful, but somehow menacing, and her nasal laugh in the voicemail message I listened to had a sinister feel to it.

In the lobby, I received another text from her that she knew where I was and was "in the neighborhood," so was going to drop by; this frightened me immensely because I sensed that I'd somehow be helpless if she caught up with me while I was alone -- maybe because she was apparently fearless enough to come to the building. I tried calling the woman I was with, but some aspect of the secrecy or security associated with the building prevented me from reaching her.

I was getting more and more anxious, but decided it would be safer to stay in the lobby than to leave and try to escape on foot, hoping that the woman would come down and join me before the other one reached the building. I looked around the lobby, which had the feel of a doctor's waiting room: modern, semi-comfortable chairs strewn across an expanse of beige carpet, with several people waiting, and a bunch of children playing in a corner. I knew that no one there would be able (or willing) to help me defend myself.

Starting to panic, I approached the childrens' area and crouched underneath a play table, and thinking that somehow I could send a note upstairs, asked a young girl if I could borrow a crayon and a page out of her coloring book.

As I scribbled something urgent, I heard the door open; I looked up, and my pursuer approached me, grinning. She held no weapons, but I knew I was done for. I looked around desperately for something I could use as a weapon; nothing. No one else realized my peril. My heart was pounding.

I woke up in a sweat, an hour before my alarm was set to go off.
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