Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

birthday and sick

Today my father is 62. Yesterday he and Mom drove up to join Nic and I, and Betsy and Steve, for muthafukkin chicken and waffles at Screen Door. It was his first time trying it, but my camera is currently inexplicably dead right now, so I have no pictures to post.

In the afternoon, we drove to Salem for what seems to be becoming a tradition on his birthday: a couple hours of family bowling, followed by chowing down, and cake, set against the usual backdrop of pandemonium whenever we all get together.

The last pic I posted of Dad was a pretty unflattering one, so I post this as a better example of what he usually looks like:


Happy Birthday, Guy.

Today I'm sick, for the first time in maybe a year or so. Nicole made me breakfast, then escaped, hopefully before she caught any germs. I'm going to try to get some stuff done around here today, in between naps.
Tags: dad, family

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