Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

sick and ... sick

No deadlines today and not a lot on my desk, so I took the opportunity to call in sick. It's pretty much head congestion with an intermittent cough, and some body aches (hoping the latter isn't because I caught some flu strain, but rather because I tend to kick compulsively when I'm having trouble sleeping). Thermometer says 97 even, so perhaps not.

I'm trying to figure where I got it ... Erin was sick last week and I visited to take her some pho and softcore pornography, and perhaps I picked up her cooties? Or, hanging out with all of my nieces on Saturday did it (the rule I have with kids is that in any group of about a half-dozen or more, one of them always has a cold or is getting over one).

Today: fluids, staying warm, couch, and movies. Maybe I'll go for a walk later.

Pointless blog post concludes ... now.

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