Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

new and improved, with 50% more mucus

Back at work today after a restful sick day yesterday. Everything in my head has melted and is now vacating through the handiest exit, but other than that and an intermittent yet somewhat messy cough, I feel fine.

Yesterday at home I felt too restless to take a nap, but not ambitious enough to really do anything useful (i.e., taxes, or work), so I watched Day Watch and Kubrick's Lolita (and reviewed them in my 2008 movie list post). Nic and I also caught a matinee of There Will Be Blood on Sunday (also reviewed), learning shortly thereafter that Daniel Day-Lewis snagged Best Actor.

Nicole came over yesterday after work, wearing scrubs and bearing a soup, vitamins, and rice krispy treat care package. HOT. She made sure I knew, this time, to first dissolve the Airborne tablet in water, rather than popping it straight into my mouth and being surprised at frothing uncontrollably as a result.

I think I'll probably cut out of here early today to relax at home. It's kind of fun being sick, except, you know, for the actual being sick part.

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