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weekend update

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Watched NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Loved it. Jon Heder graduated from my high school, go Saxons.

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Found a phone.

This was interesting. On Sundays I like to read the paper at the Seattle's Best by PSU, so I'm usually there for an hour or so. The other day I sat down in one of their comfy leather chairs with my coffee and paper. There was a table of about five people studying, and a few other customers, including a young guy sitting in a similar chair by a window, reading a book.

After about 30 minutes, the guy looked at his watch and took off, and it was then that I noticed that there was a phone sitting on the window ledge, plugged into an outlet right beneath it. Assuming that the guy who had just taken off had accidentally left it there, I grabbed the phone and unplugged the charger, and ran after him and gave it back. He thanked me.

Here's the weird part. I returned and finished my paper and took off about 30 minutes after that, and found the same phone and charger, sitting in one of the bus stops about a half-block away from where I gave it to the guy. My first thought was "who forgets their phone twice in the same morning?" I picked it up and took it home, thinking I'd get a phone call later in the day from the dude.

Well, I didn't. However, the phone listed a "Your number" option on the main menu, so I dialed that number on MY cell phone, expecting the found phone to ring. It didn't, but a woman's voice answered. I told her my name and that I found a phone, and she said that someone stole hers earlier in the day, from the Seattle's Best by PSU.

So evidently the phone didn't belong to the guy to whom I gave it. I thought I was doing a good deed, but it looks like I totally screwed up. But it's interesting that she said "stole" rather than saying she left it there accidentally. The guy was sitting next to it for at least 30 minutes before he left and I took it and gave it to him. No one commented when I came back, and I was there for another half-hour before I took off.

When I talked to her, I didn't explain the circumstances, but I probably should have, when I think about it. She said "stole," which to me means that she was still there when she discovered that it was gone. So I'm now assuming that she was one of the customers in the coffee shop while I was there, maybe one of the people in the study group. It's a fairly open place, so I'd be surprised if no one saw me grab it and disappear out the door with it in my hand, especially since I asked another guy to keep an eye on my stuff for a minute.

Oh well. I'm supposed to be meeting her in the next couple of days to give it back.

3 ...

Another WTF moment: out of the blue, it hailed for about ten minutes Sunday.

4 ...

I tried down-filesharing a copy of "E=mc2," since my own beloved copy of "This Is Big Audio Dynamite" was loaned to a friend many years ago and lost forever. I kid not: out of eight different files I found, every single one comprised the first 31 seconds of the song repeated over, and over, and over.

Somewhere, someone is sabotaging the love that is B.A.D.

5 ...

Made chili yesterday, mmmmmm. My first attempt at homemade. Thanks for the recipe Tori. :)

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