Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

quick note to flist ...

Via the LoudTwitter app, I'll be importing my tweets to my LJ once a day. The first one was last night. I want to share my thoughts on this.

Like everything else I post, this is for my own amusement or reflection, and/or to prompt a discussion if anyone has anything to say on whatever I'm talking about. And like everything else, you're free to read it or skip it.

I'm flattered that people read what I write, and sometimes comment, and I really love the dialogue that this provides. Out of respect for that, I don't intent to flood my journal with a bunch of (or perhaps a bunch more) incomprehensible half-conversations and mundane comments on what I happen to be doing. To be honest, it's that kind of content that prompts me to skip over some twitter feeds on my own friends page.

I plan to use it for bursts of pithy observation or (attempts at) humor that I can fit into the 140-character limit, stuff that for whatever reason I don't want to pull up an LJ window to compose. Maybe the challenge of the character limit appeals to me, who knows. I doubt there will more than 1-2 per day, and if I like the medium and start using it more, I'll import the daily batch behind a cut.


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