Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

magic: the geekering

Just finished pricing out my Magic collection. It's time to sell it. I haven't played for about a decade -- and didn't really play much then, preferring instead to collect; there were so many changes to the rules of play for years after the initial release that I just didn't have the stamina (or cash) to compete in more than house games, which were hard to come by in Reno. So I just bought and traded cards on USENET because it was kind of fun, in a hard-core nerd kind of way.

The grand total: nearly 9,000 cards spanning 18 sets, and a ton of supplies and related swag. The cards took awhile to price, and the concept of "pricing" is so uncertain and buyer-dependent. I looked at a bunch of online card shop price guides, some handily showing asking prices from other popular sites, and compared them against a list compiled from eBay selling prices.

So to get a rough idea, I found a searchable database and filtered out everything less than about a buck, inventoried everything else, and checked against the eBay price compilation. This was about 400 cards, of which I've got multiple copies of quite a few. This was kind of a surprise, considering that I sold off most of the valuable cards to raise some cash prior to law school.

The bottom line: those 400 cards (+ duplicates) price out at nearly $1500.

But that's if sold individually, and at dealer asking prices (even if they're on the extreme low end of dealer asking prices). I won't find a private collector willing to pay that for the collection as a single lot, even if I throw in everything else for free. I'll put the whole shebang up for $900 and see what happens. Maybe I'll partition it out.

Seems like I'm closing a door somehow, even though these have been gathering dust for most of the 15 years since I started.

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