Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

sunday night update

Today I spotted a squirrel carcass on the back deck. It seems the white cat who has been patrolling my yard for the past couple of months and I have a common nemesis. I am now chagrined by my past habit of chasing it away whenever I see it.

Speaking of cats, Irving and Clarence, two of my new housemates, have settled in comfortably. I've never lived with cats before and it's pretty entertaining. Nic's been working nights since we moved her in, and in the evenings, when they're not gazing at me with an expression that asks who I am and what I'm doing in their house, they've developed a habit of following me around, yelling at me for attention, until I finish my puttering and sit down, at which point they vanish.

Speaking of housemates, the first week of cohabiting with Nic went really smoothly, hopefully not due to the fact that I've hardly seen her at all, with our mismatched schedules. It feels pretty cozy here, not in the euphemistic sense to describe tiny and cramped, even though there are unpacked boxes everywhere that are slowly being emptied, but cozy in that it feels warmer here to be sharing this space with her. I feel really good about it.

Her birthday is next weekend and I have no idea what to do or what to get her. She made me an apple pie on Friday just because it was Friday.

My spare time over the past week has been spent working on the master bedroom (we're crashing in the guest bedroom in the meantime). Today I nearly finished assembling the massive wardrobe, and to be honest, I think I'm over my IKEA crush a little bit. Not including hinges with the wardrobe doors, which themselves are sold separately, is taking the concept of "modular" a little too far.

Nic will be home in about an hour, I think I'll wait up for her tonight. :)
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