Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

"this is an obama nation" doesn't quite sound right

I think my favorite thing about this gif is Michelle Obama's expression.

Maybe the only thing that's dampened my spirits this morning is the uncomfortable amount of schadenfreude I've already seen online, both on LJ and elsewhere, since the results were announced, and more of it is probably inevitable. But celebrating one's own victory never has to include reveling in another's defeat.

I'm certainly not knocking how much this election meant to a lot of people. It should have; it was fairly epic. And the disappointment one side in a two-sided race will inevitably feel is going to be expressed many different ways, some gracious, but some hurtful, and some hateful, particularly when so much rides on the outcome. But it gains nothing to find joy in that disappointment, and very little to criticize the manner in which it's expressed, especially in the heat of the moment. One of Obama's central messages throughout his campaign was one of bipartisanship and unity in solving the crises that face us. Not divisiveness.

Easy for me to say, of course, since "my guy won." But let's get down to business and get some shit done, all together now.

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