Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

good things

Poker night was Friday, ended up winning the first tourney after being the only re-buy. Was good to see those guys again, timing has been off and I haven't made the last few games.

Nic had Saturday off. We hadn't had a good, relaxing day of being together for awhile, so at her urging, we grabbed the Max downtown and spent the day goofing off. We hit the Saturday Market (and randomly stumbled across my friend Dagny's underwear booth), then some store shopping, then killed a couple hours at Powell's, grabbed a cup of coffee and some goodies at the Pearl Bakery, visited a toy store (of course) and then caught a late matinee of Quantum of Solace -- which I liked, but when did James Bond become a British Jason Bourne? Afterward, I made good on my promise to go out to seafood more often, and we grabbed dinner at Southpark. Finally, we caught a bus back to our hood and checked out Saraveza, a new bar within stumbling distance of home. Way fun. She's a great date.

Sunday after a late brunch, I jumped right into some house projects and was finally able, after numerous additional setbacks, to assemble the final piece of the wardrobe project. Nic worked, so I also did a bunch of garden work, and raked and blew leaves around.

This morning, back to work. Woke up congested from a stubborn cold I'm trying to kick, but my head cleared on the walk to the train. When I got here, I discovered that a co-worker and one of my bosses, who never fools around at the office, played a pretty good practical joke on me.

Good things are good.

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