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I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Nicole's second apple pie to come out of the oven. The first is sitting on the kitchen counter, cooling. One is for her co-workers; the other is for my family.

She was supposed to be working today, but she hurt her back last week at work. Her doc prescribed drugs and light duty for a week, and according to her employer's worker's comp policy, light duty doesn't pay time-and-a-half ... which means that instead of working on a holiday for regular wages, she gets the day off instead. :)

We're heading down to Salem for Thanksgiving with my family in a while. Two of my sisters will be there, with their husbands, and all eight of my nieces. They are all thrilled Nic is coming; my Mom especially is absolutely giddy. This makes me pretty happy.

Last night I managed to make lardons, which turned out to be unexpectedly tasty; I'll post some pics later. They're for the green bean dish I'm making later for dinner, but they're so delicious and smoky that I just want to eat them individually. The caramelized scallions I also made last night are also part of the bean dish. I decided not to get too fancy with the mashed potatoes, just some garlic, butter, salt, and pepper. The house has been full of good smells for the past 12 hours or so.

Betsy and Steve brought Nola and cinnamon rolls over earlier for a visit over some coffee; it was good to spend some time with them before turning our attention back to pies and getting everything ready for transport. Plans tomorrow for dim sum with Sandi and Jeff, and a relaxed weekend in which I doubt I will set foot in a retail establishment.

I am so content and happy right now. I have so much to be thankful for, that I am thankful for, that if I tried to list them, I don't know where I'd even begin.

Which is an absolutely acceptable problem to have.

Tags: holidays, thanksgiving

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