Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


The office is closed today; I knew this earlier today before I trekked out on my commute, but I slogged through the snow to catch a bus because I have a soft deadline today and a couple other fires burning.

Some good came of it already: I helped un-stick a couple drivers trying to traverse largely uncleared roads. Both were in rear-wheel drives with no chains; one in an SUV with his wife ("Here, have your wife drive for a second, and you and I will push." "She doesn't know to drive." "OK, you either teach her, or she comes out here with me." "OK, I teach."). Normally, I give the benefit of the doubt and assume in cases like this that these people needed to get somewhere and had no other options; but in the half-mile walk to the stop I saw so many vehicles spinning that it was a bit of an effort not to conclude that sometimes, folks are just idiots.

There are maybe 3 people here today, so I think I'll write a few letters and eat the cost of an extension, and go home (after making one or two shopping errands).

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