Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

touch & snow

This is like a logic problem, except some of the clues aren't yet available.

Tim's Family:Plans Family Gift Exchange and General Pandemonium on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day festivities and dinner on the following day, in Salem.
Nicole:Lives (and works) in Portland.
Works a shift Christmas Eve, and has Christmas Day off.
Tim:Lives (and works) in Portland.
Plans to attend Christmas Eve events solo.
Plans to attend Christmas Day events along with Nicole.
Nicole's car:AWD. Automatic. Chained.
Tim's car:
FWD. Manual. No chains.
And no one in North Portland currently has any in stock.
Roads between Portland and Salem:At least some require chains.
And also:Nic isn't comfortable driving stick even with no snow.

Now, if the boat only fits two people, how do the three cannibals and three anthropologists all get across the river safely?

The original plan was that I'd drive my car down on Christmas Eve for the FGE&GP, maybe attend Midnight Mass with Mom, drive back up afterward, crash, celebrate Christmas morning with Nic, and both of us would head down to Salem sometime on Christmas Day for some more family gathering.

Then came the Portland snow. The revised plan was EITHER (a) that I'd do the same thing as above except that I'd get some chains for my car beforehand, OR (b) that I'd take Nic's car instead, after dropping her off at work and making sure I could get back in time to pick her up around midnight at the end of her shift.

Then came the Salem snow, the forecast for more snow in Portland and Salem tomorrow, and my failure to actually, you know, GET CHAINS. With reports that the 50-mile trip is taking a few anxious hours to traverse in current conditions, option (b) is probably scrapped unless I can guarantee that I won't leave Nic stranded at work on Christmas Eve. It depends at this point on what the weather does between now and then, and whether any nearby auto parts stores gets a restock delivery today.

Worst case scenario: Christmas Eve plans are kaput, and we go down together the next day. Which is hardly terrible, considering that thousands of folks are in far worse circumstances.

In any case, this will be the first White Christmas, in Oregon, that I can remember. :)
Tags: christmas, family, holidays
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