Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

2008 in review

Certainly a lot less melancholy than I was heading into 2008. This year has been much more positive on so many levels, and probably, in many respects, one of the best in my life. This is pretty much why:

Here are highlights from 2008. Doubtless this is incomplete because I have a tendency to forget some really important details. Also, it doesn't really manage to capture the goofy bliss that regularly accompanies anything Nicole and I do together. So for what it's worth.

January: Had a birthday party for Betsy. Took a road trip with Nic up to Seattle and stayed in a fancy hotel that had bathtubs that filled from the ceiling, visited Amanda, and discovered our mutual love of toy stores. Nic and I also went cross-country skiing with Erin and a few of her friends. Took my Dad to a Blazer game (we lost, which is what always happens when I take my Dad to a Blazer game).

February: Dad crashed at my place for a week while attending a seminar in town. IKEA furniture assembly and then Super Bowl at Betsy and Steve's. Got wine-krunk at EDW during an Amanda visit to Portland, and someone who was fortunately not me spilled wine on her sweater. Had some truly weird-ass dreams. Introduced my Dad to chicken and waffles on his 62nd birthday. Had best Valentine's Day ever at Cannon Beach with Nicole. Took Nic to a Blazer game (we won).

March: Four of my friends from law school came up to visit, two for my 39th birthday party, which Nicole, Betsy, and Steve planned. Gave those two a tour of Portland's best strip clubs. Had best birthday party of my life. Went to Shell's exhibit on First Thursday. Went to Cirque de Soleil with Nic. Celebrated Steak and BJ Day, also with Nic. Developed a crush on Obama after watching his "A More Perfect Union" speech. One of the partners at the firm, and a good friend, quit.

April: Spring has sprung. Had a difficult time finding a landscaper. This month seemed a little calm, maybe I was recovering from the previous month's debauchery. Got addicted to Flight of the Conchords.

May: Bounced down to LA for a law school buddy's birthday. Smoked the first of several pork butts. Sampled many of Nicole's pie creations, during the first month of her "Summer of Pie." Nic introduced me to the awe and wonder of City Liquidators. Made vodkamelon.

June: Hiked in the Gorge with Nic. Found a truly awesome pair of work pants (really, it's the little things). Geeked out when the iPhone 3G was announced. Was mystified at the total disappearance of cherries off my trees. Took pics of the rose garden. Parties at Jeff and Sandy's and Steve and Betsy's. Made a bunch of container gardens with Nic.

July: Got a DSLR! Went camping with Nic and my family on the Santiam. Nic's father gave me a WIILLAMETTE LAW sweatshirt, unaware of the typo, aware that I went to law school at UCLA. Almost went to Brewfest. Got addicted to the UK version of The Office. Met Tori's family. IKEA furniture assembly and then euchre at Betsy and Steve's.

August: Increasingly took refuge at Nic's air-conditioned house as the Portland temp broke triple digits. Floated down the Sandy twice in two days. Summer Olympics in high def. Nic and I decided to shack up! Camping on Labor Day weekend at Timothy Lake.

September: Sold my Magic cards for about three times as much as I scored for my entire bedroom suite. Nicole and I went to Austin City Limits. Jeff's 50th Birthday Weekend Blowout. IKEA baby crib assembly and then vegetarian hot dogs (wtf?) at Betsy and Steve's.

October: The Purple Hizzy acquired two cats and one redhead, and LIVING IN SIN commenced. Betsy and Steve had their baby, six weeks before we expected her! Celebrated Nicole's birthday waaaaaay low-key, maybe too low-key. Resolved to make her next one much better. Accidentally let the cats outside (but found them shortly thereafter). Revived my Van Gogh Halloween costume. Mason Jennings concert with Nic.

November: Nicole and I celebrated one year! Had joint Nic's B-Day and Living in Sin party, impeccably catered by Sandi. The All-Day Date. Finally completed the PAX. An extremely difficult client suddenly became an easy one again. Thanksgiving at my parents' house; Nic made apple pie and I made green beans with lardons and garlic mashed potatoes. We put up the Christmas tree the next day. Nic gave me a robot ornament (the first of four, it turned out). Received $100 tuition lawsuit settlement check from UCLA.

December: Holiday panic and stress. Made bacon dates. Hosted belated baby shower for Nola Bean. Got addicted to Arrested Development. Ridiculed the ominous snow warnings, then survived the Christmas snow storm. Had awesome Christmas Eve with family, too-short Christmas morning with Nicole, and happy Christmas Night with family and Nic. Got offered a big office at work.

Happy New Year's. 2009 is going to be fantastic. :)

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