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List of Movies I Watched in 2009 (underlined = in the theater)

Newest reviews are at the top of the list below.
  • You and Me and Everyone We Know (2006), dir. Miranda July: Great debut from a former Portland resident and performance artist (but a little jarring to see Portland place names juxtaposed onto LA scenery). This movie succeeds in showing the innovation and frustration of isolated individuals in modern society, in using whatever means are handy to communicate what they want, even if they don't really know what that is, to connect with others. ))<>(( = \m/.

  • Bad Timing (1980), dir. Nicolas Roeg: One from the "can't remember why I put this on the Netflix queue" category, maybe I was lured by the "erotic thriller" classification, or Art Garfunkel in a leading role. The use of the jarring, discordant editing to intersperse recent past events into the storyline in order to turn a story about obsession into a narrative was innovative and effective, but I think the shock value of the graphic scenes has diminished over the three decades since it was filmed.

  • The Dead Girl (2006), dir. Karen Moncrieff: A young woman's death is told in five separate "chapters," each led by a great female performance. Ostensibly the theme is to demonstrate how the loss of one life "liberates" those of several others, but I thought this was a little lost in the format of the narrative: I was too distracted piecing together the details of the death. The directorial touches were poignant (for example, the chapter dealing with the sister of a long-missing girl is shot in greys and blues until she attends a colleague's party, at which point bright colors punctuate her feelings of hope and happiness), but maybe a little too subtle. Optimistic in a somewhat creepy, morbid way.
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