Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

the first good day of the year

On NYE, Nic finished up her shift and got home with about 15 minutes to count down to the end of '08, which we spent drinking champagne out of martini glasses (couldn't find the flutes), being rather freaked out by Dick Clark's slurring, insistent presence on ABC, and smoochin'.

The next day, we had an all-day date that included sleeping in, a late breakfast at John St. Cafe, wandering around the mall, people-watching, taking pictures of graffiti, some home projects, listening and watching the rain, nearly going to see a movie, and nearly going to visit friends. We opted not to make dinner, but rolled down to Miss Delta (review here), which was packed, being one of the only neighborhood restaurants open on New Year's Day. Full and tipsy, we returned home to watch The Dead Girl (review here), one of our several Netflix offerings that have been gathering dust for over a month.

Sometime overnight, the all-day rain turned to snow and we woke to find about an inch had fallen and was already melting.

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