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The beard-growing competition at work starts Monday.

Rules beneath the cut, for the curious.

The Rules:
  1. Participants will start on Monday, January 12, with a clean shave:

    Any existing facial hair (other than eyebrows and eyelashes) must be shaved to the skin.
    Sideburns must be trimmed to descend no more than 1” from eartop.

  2. Register at Mel’s desk prior to noon.

  3. Grow your facial hair for 30 days in the beard style that best fits you and your personality.

  4. On Wednesday, February 11, check in with the judges with your best attempt at beardedness.
There will be an entry fee for attorney and agent participants in the form of a $10 donation.
Proceeds will be given to Animal Aid of Portland.

The Judging Criteria:

The general criteria will relate to overall beard growth. They are:
  1. Length (25%)
  2. Fullness (25%)
  3. Style and Sophistication (25%)
  4. General Manliness (25%)
Judges will be: Angela, Carla, Elizabeth, Megan, and Rochelle.

Judges will award each contestant between 1-10 points in each of the above criteria, based on the final bearded efforts presented on February 11. The contestant with the most total points wins the Grand Prize.

Judges will also determine alternative categories (such as “Most Creative Effort,” “Most Absurd Excuse,” and so forth). Winners of alternative categories will be chosen by the judges according to their own criteria and discretion.

The Grand Prize is the title of “Champion of the 2009 Kolisch Whiskerino,” and all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, including bragging rights. The entry fees will be donated to the Animal Aid of Portland in the Grand Prize winner’s name, on behalf of Kolisch Hartwell.

Winners will be announced at noon, on Thursday, February 12.

All results are final. Enter at your own risk. Not responsible for lost wages or loved ones.
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