Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

week in review

The week in bullet form!
  • Now that the holidays are winding down, got busy again on house projects. Made progress in the master bedroom by reinstalling the big closet doors. Always a relief when they actually close into the frame. Need to paint and re-install the little closet door and the main door, and we can move in there and set up the other room up as a guest room and study.

  • Also started a new one: Project Basement Organization. This will get easier once we move a bunch of the home office stuff upstairs.

  • The snow was nice because it covered up how messy and un-maintained the yard is, but I was able to get out for a few hours to do some cleaning. Which kinda irritates me, considering that I have a service that's supposed to be doing it.

  • Nic was sent home from her Tuesday night shift, so we had two nights this week to hang out.

  • On those nights, we went out to Pause (review here) and E-San Thai (review here).

  • Speaking of reviews, I finished The God of Small Things (review here) and then tore through The Road (review here).

  • Nic and I finished watching Season 2 of Arrested Development and started Season 3; we're now auditioning shows for our next addiction.

  • At work, I organized a beard-growing competition, which starts tomorrow.

  • Lunch with a friend on Friday, who reminded me that as of January 1, I became fully vested in my firm's profit-sharing program. Not that I have any plans to leave, but it's still a good feeling knowing I wouldn't lose any of that chunk if I did. Secure, I guess.

  • Decided with considerable regret not to attend a law school friend's wedding in Puerto Rico at the end of this month. Nic encouraged me to go solo, but I'd rather find an opportunity to hang out with my friend and her new husband where (1) we'll both be able to go, and (2) have enough leisure time during and around the trip to relax.

  • Friday night, Nic worked, and I drove to Salem to family dinner for my sister and her husbands' birthdays. No kids, but we sure acted childish, as usual. This time it was the "do I have something in my teeth" joke. Especially fun with spinach, and Oreos.

  • Saturday morning, Dad and I resurrected our custom of doing breakfast every other weekend. It was his turn to drive up, and he brought Mom, and met Nic and I and Betsy and Steve at Gravy. Mom and Dad met Nola for the first time, and of course fell in love immediately.

  • De-Christmassed the house, mostly. Or at least the lights are off and the tree is down. Next step: actually finding space to store it all in the basement.
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