Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

week in review

The week in bullet form!
  • Went to the gym twice, using my new heart rate monitor (a Christmas gift from Nicole). Stuck to just cardio, and was discouraged by how little effort I have to make to zip my heart rate up. Not like that wasn't initially expected, though, since I'd fallen into a long, bad habit of getting zero exercise.

  • House projects: painted the little closet door and main door frame, sanded down the main door, stripped and painted the hinges.

  • Did some more yard work and effectively fired my landscape service.

  • Nic had Tuesday off, we grabbed dinner at Tin Shed (review here).

  • Finished Raymond Carver's Cathedral (review here).

  • Windstorms have been battering Portland all week; no damage so far on our street more than overturned trashcans. Well, the deck chair blew into the back yard.

  • Our developing plans to visit Cannon Beach for Valentine's Day (which we did last year) were cut short by the discovery that the Gower St. Bistro closed a few weeks ago. However, also found out that the owner also operates the Everett St. Bistro in Portland, so I'm looking forward to giving that a try. Decided instead to go to Seattle this year. Made dinner reservations at Entre Nous on Amanda's effusive recommendation.

  • Nic and I finished watching Season 2 of Arrested Development and started Season 3; we're now auditioning shows for our next addiction.

  • Got about 12 co-workers to participate in the Whiskerino.

  • Saturday night: bowling-themed birthday party for a friend was preceded by dinner with a couple other friends at Collosso (review here). One server working two huge parties and a few smaller ones (including ours) meant that we had plenty of time to get sauced before heading over to bowl. The party was at Grand Central, which is more night club than bowling alley, but it was a lot of fun.

  • It was therefore a considerable challenge on Sunday morning to get up in time to meet Betsy and Steve for breakfast at Simpatica (review here), but we made it only a few minutes late for a great meal.

  • Spent the rest of Sunday detoxing and recovering, emerging blinking into the cold sunlight around 3 in search of tacos. Por Que No was jam-packed, so we headed over to the Don Pancho Taqueria on Alberta and had our food within minutes. After a few hours of errands and grocery shopping, we completed the trifecta of all three meals out by grabbing some burgers from the New Seasons deli.

  • Were gratified to see that the cats, who have been used a papasan cushion we flop on the floor for them as a bed, overcame their initial suspicion and decided the new bed we picked up was acceptable.
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