Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

week in review

  • Gym three times this week, if you count today as part of the past week. Which I do. Still doing cardio only until this gets to be a more regular thing, then I'll work in some weights. My goal is primarily weight loss right now, though.

  • House projects: finished all of the painting in the master bedroom, reinstalled both doors, and reattached the remaining trim. All that's left is a ceiling design I'm going to hand-paint up there as soon as I can figure out how to scale it up from my graph paper sketch and orient it correctly.

  • Found a new landscape service. I'm really optimistic about this, the guy seems pretty good.

  • Dinner with Nic, and Betsy and Steve, at Screendoor (review here).

  • Predictions of snow Sunday came to fruition on Saturday afternoon with a couple light flurries, then an inch or so overnight, which melted off completely by this afternoon.

  • Hammered out the dates for a little vacation for my 40th: going in late March for about 5 days or so. Narrowed the options down to a cruise or a flight down to Mexico, inviting several friends and some family.

  • Nic and I started Season 1 of Dexter.

  • Met Dad yesterday morning for brunch at La Provence with my sister and her husband.

  • Plans for brunch this morning with Jeff and Sandi were preempted by an unexpected shift change for Nic. She's working a 12-hour tonight.

  • Beard: gettin' itchy.
Tags: update

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