Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

week in review

  • Gym three times this week, again. I'm really happy I've been able to keep it up. With the heart rate monitor, I'm also noticing that I've been able to exercise more strenuously before I reach my target HR.

  • Inscribed the ceiling design. Took about three hours. Started to paint it, and will probably finish this coming week.

  • Nic had Monday night off, and we tried Halibut's on Alberta, and then we decided probably never again. The next night, she went in but got sent home due to overstaffing, and made us dinner.

  • Friday night, we stayed up til 2 doing prep work for the next day's cooking, and spent the day Saturday making a turkey dinner for a bunch of friends. I contributed mashed potatoes, and green beans with lardons and caramelized shallots, and Nicole handled the turkey, stuffing, and two pies. We were pretty happy with the way everything came out, our guests were happy and had a ton to eat.

  • Sunday we watched about the first two-thirds of the Super Bowl at Betsy and Steve's, hung over and/or tired from the day before. Hit the sack at like 10.
Tags: update

  • le butt

    ... less about a half-pound of test pieces (spritzed with bourbon and apple juice).

  • IT IS TIME ...

    ... to rub the butt. ETA: butt is rubbed, wrapped, and refridged; smoking commences in approximately 30 hours.

  • 12:50am, sunday ...

    ... time to barbecue.

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