Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

good things

  • Federal and state tax refunds just dropped into my bank account.

  • Finalized vacation plans and booked the trip: Dreams in Puerto Vallarta, last week of March. (Friends are welcome to join.)

  • I was named runner-up in the Whiskerino. Pics later.

  • I currently have a stache and some killer chops. Sneak preview:

    Aw yeah.

  • Saturday we're driving up to Seattle for Valentine's Weekend '09, staying at the hotel with the ceiling-filled bathtubs, where we stayed on a trip up there last year.

  • Dinner Sunday with abrichar!

  • Going to introduce Nic to my grandparents.

  • I have a job. I don't have much work right now, but I have a place to do it.

  • Speaking of work, my first domain name dispute resulted in the opposing party offering to make a transfer to my client at no charge the day after we filed the complaint.

  • Happy hour with 'stached co-workers in a few minutes.

  • Nic made cookies today. I'm meeting her for dinner tonight on her lunch hour.

  • I have awesome friends.

  • This blog. Although I note with some consternation that bacon is listed often, and bacon chocolate chip cookies are called out specifically.

  • This dude. I think he might be 2009's version of "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

  • Poker tomorrow night.

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