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My niece just sent me one of those e-mails that everyone on the face of the planet has already received, the Captain Poopypants (or something) one where you use your initials to figure out your new name according to some formula out of a kid's book. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was cute the first 25 times I received it. Now, not so much. But I played along 'cuz it's my niece.

But after reflecting about it, I've come up with another system that gives you a new name. Your new first name is your favorite dessert and your new last name is your greatest fear.

For instance, my name would be:
Cheesecake Dying Alone

Of course if you asked me twenty-five years ago, my name would probably have been:
Smores Kidnapped By Pirates

I imagine in another sixty years my name will most likely be:
Tapioca Not Getting To The Toilet Before I Crap Myself

I want everybody else to play too! C'mon now, what would your name be?

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