Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

whiskerino ...

... day 31 (judging day), the Whiskerino winners, and mustache day.

The final group shot. The picture holder had to withdraw early, but brought a photo taken before he had to shave, in case the judges wanted to award him any points. The other contestant who had to withdraw hadn't thought that far ahead.

Random pics of contestants and judging ...

Suspense! Results weren't to be announced until 1:00 the following day.

... Which was mustache day. Here was my offering:

Five of my co-workers accepted my mustache challenge:

And then winners of the Whiskerino were announced:

Best Effort: NickMost Manly: Bryan
Most Debonair: OwenMost Glamorous: Quinne

Whiskerino Runner Up: Me

All-Around Whiskerino 2009 Champ: Chris

A LOT of growth and dedication went into this from all the participants. I thought the turnout was great, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There were already people asking if we could do this again next year.

Maybe. But now for a shave.

Link to Day 30 pic.
Link to Day 25 pic.
Link to Day 20 pic.
Link to Day 16 pic.
Link to Day 12 pic.
Link to Day 8 pic.
Link to Day 4 pic.
Tags: vanity, whiskerino, work

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