Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

brief party debriefing

Indicators that the party was a success:
  1. Turns out nothing got broken.

  2. There is more leftover booze than can fit back into the liquor cabinet.
About 40 people came, 11 made the trip from a different city (of those, 4 from a different state). Sunday, our house guests left, and Nicole had to work a shift, so I spent the afternoon cleaning up, in a reflective daze of warmth and gratitude to everyone who helped with the setup or hosting, or gave me a gift, or took pictures, or just showed up and had fun.

A more detailed post later after I check out the pics left on my camera. In the meantime, Don posted a bunch of pictures he took, here on LJ and on Facebook.

Also: Nic got me the coolest fucking birthday cake I have ever fucking seen.

Tags: birthday, nic

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