Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

puerto vallarta vacation, part 1

... the resort and the first couple days

After getting up at about 3am to get to the airport, unsuccessfully trying to sleep on a couple of two-and-a-half hour flights sandwiching an hour's layover, dodging an army of hawkers at the Puerto Vallarta airport, a bouncy shuttle ride deposited us at the resort. When a smiling bellman approached us with a silver tray bearing a couple glasses of champagne (and some moist towels for our faces), we knew the next several days were going to be incredible.

Some shots of the foyer and main pool (there were three):

Our tower is in the background:

Some shots of our room, and the view ...

Looking south:
Looking north:

The weather was perfect. Not too hot during the day, not at all cold at night--the only reason we shut the window to sleep was because the sound of the ocean was too loud.

We got into the swing of things pretty quick. Here are some shots from the next couple days (and nights) ...

I got used to this view:
And this one:
Still not sure what these things are actually called. Beachbrellas?
One of the bars looked out over the main pool area.
I was drinking something called a "toucan":
The sunset on our second day:
The real show came after the sun went down. This was taken about 20 minutes later:

Five sit-down restaurants on the site, a couple of walk-up grills, several bars, and poolside (and beachside) service. The staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. This was shaping up to be pretty damn perfect.

Here is a link to Nicole's post.

Up next: Part 2, the proposal.
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