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puerto vallarta vacation, part 3

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During our six days there, we left the resort only twice: an excursion tour of the forest canopy via a series of zip lines, and a taxi ride downtown to see some sights and buy some souvenirs.

We went on the canopy tour on Day 4, and didn't get a lot of pics because we were swinging through the treetops most of the time. The runs over the gorge were amazing, about 1/4-mile long, and just as high off the ground.

We are equipped and ready for action.
I'm actually kind of terrified here, but got the hang of it eventually.

The guides would randomly ride tandem with people in our group, convincing several to do a run upside-down, including Nic. Wish I'd got a shot of that! The whole thing, once I got over my nervousness of heights, was an absolute blast.

On our last full day, we took a cab into the city, and walked around downtown and along the Malecón. Sculpture on one side of the street, souvenir shops and authentic Mexican restaurants, like Senor Frog's and Hard Rock Cafe, on the other.
Part of "In Search of Reason," by Sergio Bustamante:
For lunch, we avoided every restaurant within 2 blocks of the Malecón, and instead found a sleepy tacqueria a few streets in. Our server was a girl of probably 10. This was her little brother.
Best damn guacamole I've ever tasted.
Back to the Malecón for a little more sight-seeing. This artist used sand as his medium. There were quite a few of these on the beach. All of them looked as though they were repaired with fresh sand every few days.
I liked these dudes. Part of "The Rotunda on the Sea," by Alejandro Colunga:

Then, we found a really friendly tequila shop and bought a few bottles before getting too tipsy from the free samples they kept offering. After that, we felt we'd had waaaaay too much activity for one day, so it was back to the hotel for a beachburger and fruity alcoholic drinks.

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