Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

less than a block away five thousand people are screaming

The Blazers eviscerated Denver in the season finale last night with a 28-point at-home win, securing home court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs against Houston. Today there's a three-hour music-and-entertainment-packed rally in the Pioneer Courthouse Square in support of the team's awesome season. Nine minutes in and already my windows are vibrating too hard to keep them shut; leaning out I can see a dense, energetic crowd of red-and-black garbed fans. I can only imagine the pandemonium that will descend in a couple hours when the team actually shows up.

Imagine, because I'm going to bail. I absolutely love this energy, but it's too loud in here to work.

Plus, it's sunny and Nic has the day off.

That was an easy decision.

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