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rain, foot, [not-a-]date

Will you look at this weather? It's like I had to go down to LA to get the rain and bring it back here. You're welcome.

OK, so a week ago, during my LA sojourn with my "homies," we went boarding at Mountain High, which is near Fontana. It was a gorgeous day, and there were scads of good-looking women all over the slopes, to the extent that a good half of the spills I took were from focusing my attention on the ladies.

Anyway, one of my feet is dead. The boots I was using pinched my ankle - more specifically, the bundle of nerves that run just underneath the protruding ankle bone on the inside of my left foot. As a result, a week later, I'm still Daniel Day Lewis. I'm no doctor but I'm sensing this probably isn't normal. I'll make an appointment later.

So the upshot is that I haven't been exercising at all for about a week, for fear of (further) injuring my foot because I can't feel anything. So Saturday I used my REI dividend (+ 20% off!) and got a new pair of cross trainers, and gave them a spin around the Riverfront with no adverse effects. So at least I can be assured that if I somehow managed to do some permanenent nerve damage, I can still run.

Easter was hectic. Last year I did this massive Easter-egg hunt / scavenger hunt / note search for all of my nieces; this year I just didn't have the energy. Plus, it rained. Result: much noise. Also, my willpower regarding chocolatey candy is laughably flimsy. Tonight: 45-mile run.

Also, I failed to audition for the Portland Gay Men's Chorus, despite Ryan's assurances that I would not be the only straight-guy member. Sorry Ry.

Unrelated: I have a not-a-date tomorrow night. It has become my colleague's wife's mission to hook me up with one of her single friends. This is a not-a-date because, as my friend has put it, we're-both-recently-out-of-a-relationship-and-we're-probably-not-ready-to-embark-on-a-new-one-but-it's-still-good-to-meet-people. The not-a-date will be the third single woman she's introduced me to. At the very least, I'm making many new friends. :)

Also also: pardon my French, but this user is my current fave: _fucking_moron.

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