Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

checking in

Just going through one of those phases where I feel I haven't got much to say. Here's a quick summary of what's been up:

Health: Continues to improve. Weight loss tapered off as I started riding more frequently (maybe 8 weeks ago?), but I'm still extremely conscious of my diet, although I've been slacking on recording everything. Every week I put about 80-100 miles on my bike, and visit the gym for cardio sessions once or twice. I also started doing chest and incline presses 4-5 times per week and have increased what I can comfortably lift by about 30% over 6 weeks. Between weight loss and any muscle gain, I'm bumping around in the "25-30 pounds down" range from my starting point in February. Body shape continues to change as my weight holds steady.

Yesterday I started the hundred pushups program. My initial exhaustion test, aided by a month of chest exercises, indicated I should start at Week 3. To be honest I'll be pretty surprised if I can crack out 100 consecutive pushups, like ever, but no reason I shouldn't try.

Relationship: Ridiculously blissful. I don't mention it near as much as I think it, but I can't imagine being in a more positive and fulfilling relationship with anyone than the one I'm in with Nic. We're really in sync in our communication and trust, have an incredible mutual comfort level, and just get along great. Plus, she's a brilliant, funny, caring uber hottie.

Family: Good, for the most part. After a brief hiatus in birthdays through June, we're back in the swing with two nieces having theirs this week, so I hung out with the fam on Saturday. Later this month, Nic and I are joining my youngest sis and her family at a rental house on the coast for a few days; hopefully something like this can become a tradition with my other sisters joining us in the future as well. On the negative side, my grandmother's cancer was recently diagnosed as Stage 4 / terminal - or at least she told the rest of the family recently. This doesn't seem to be affecting her outlook, just tiring her out a bit. I hear reports she's up and around out in her garden, and has picked out the dress she plans to wear to our wedding next June.

House: The project right now is replacing all of the trim in the dining room, which I removed about two years ago. Because I have zero finish carpentry experience, I'm learning as I go, which combined with my usual methodical approach is resulting in slow progress. Currently the uncertain weather is a setback, since I'm staining and finishing all of the chopped pieces and don't have room inside to do this. Hoping to have it wrapped up in 3-4 weeks.

Next weekend we're having a one-day garage sale, and hopefully this will dovetail into furnishing the spare bedroom, which we're going to outfit as a guest room/study that Nic can use when she starts school. I'm also hoping, once the trim project is complete, to knock out some projects in the garden, such as making a flat patio out of pavers underneath the rose arbor. We don't use that space much right now.

Friends: Are pretty awesome, but I'm not finding a ton of time to hang out. It's a strange dynamic: Nic's time off overlaps with mine maybe 1-2 weeknights, and every other weekend. I enjoy my alone time (read: I'm an antisocial curmudgeon when flying solo), and I also put a lot of pressure on myself to either exercise or make progress on something at home when I have spare time, and when she and I do have time together, sometimes we just prefer to chill.

Even so, the summer's been good so far with some weekend trips, river excursions, dinners out and in with friends, parties, and so forth.

Work: Is slow. Currently the associates are being strongly encouraged to up their marketing efforts, so I'm making efforts. It's not a skill set I've really been developing, focusing more on actual prosecution work, but now that we're going through a lull, I need to get more serious about client development. It's an interesting challenge.

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