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I took Friday off, and Nic and I drove to the coast to join one my sisters, her husband and daughters, and my folks, for a weekend at a beach house we rented there, maybe in what might become an annual event. Another of my sisters and her family joined for the day on Saturday as well.

The weather was pretty meh, overcast and misty with a high in the 60s ... so while we completely succeeded in escaping triple-digit temps in Portland, the chill kibosh'ed a lot of beach activities. Thus, DVDs, reading, puzzles, and board games dominated. That is, when we weren't eating, or fending off nonstop requests and questions from my nieces. I'm always rejuvenated by their energy level and amazed by how inquisitive and sharp they are, but totally drained afterward. When we got home Sunday, "cooler" weather (i.e., only in the 90s) greeted us, and the majority of the evening hours found us on the couch with cool drinks in hand and the oscillating fan on, vowing that Monday would return us to a diet free of junk food. Oof.

From the Department of Ridiculous Complaints, the AC in the office today is so strong that I had to open a couple windows to warm up.

Dinner with Betsy and Steve tonight, and hopefully some after-work bike rides and a lot of progress on the house project this week. Nicole's mother visits next weekend.
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