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my father had two crowns

Watched Little Children the other night. I absolutely loved Todd Field's first movie In the Bedroom, and his second one packed the same kind of intense, intimate wallop. I also dig that the DVD included no commentary or special features, as per the director's wish.

A lot of scenes and images stuck with me, and I've been puzzling over one in particular for a few days now. The Kathy Adamson character is minor, the wife of one of the main characters, and she's a documentary director. Her only real display of emotional depth in the film is when she briefly discusses, with her husband, an interview she's editing with a boy who lost his father in Iraq. Later, there is a brief scene in which Kathy is watching some of the interview footage. This is the dialogue. The boy's delivery is solemn and considered.

Kathy: The day that you found out that your father had been in Iraq, do you remember that day? Can you talk about that? You feel comfortable talking about that?

Boy in Documentary: After the men came, to tell my mom, I cried ... but ... she didn't. She just went up to her room and grabbed the pillows off the bed. Cut the tops of them off with a pair of scissors, and there were feathers, all over the place.

Kathy: That must have really frightened you.

Boy: No. She was trying to find the crown.

Kathy: The crown?

Boy: The crown you leave in your pillow, when you've slept on it for a long time.

Boy: My ... my father had two crowns.

There's a quick-cut to Kathy viewing the footage, and her eyes are red as she tells her assistant to stop there.

I really should watch it again, to try to derive the meaning from the context of the surrounding scenes. I think I've got why it affects her, but still working out what the boy is referring to.
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