Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

From Twitter 09-02-2009

  • 16:18:02: I admit I'm curious whether Obama did actually "Ask Moms To Return To School," as alleged in the Yahoo mail ads, but not enough to click.
  • 19:09:40: Ready to install crown moulding, but can't remember which side we voted is up. 50% chance of being right. Better wait to confirm w/Nic.
  • 19:10:53: Meanwhile, hello beer.
  • 19:41:21: Here be the dilemma: http://yfrog.com/079c0j vs. http://yfrog.com/18velj. Curious what sayeth the Twitterverse?

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ETA: We opted for the first orientation (flat edge down).
Tags: home alteration, tweets

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