Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

From Twitter 09-16-2009

  • 14:50:45: I guess the IM equivalent to the expression "talking my ear off" would be "typing my eye off," right? Somehow I don't think it'll catch on.
  • 15:52:51: Just walked through PioSquare and saw one dude wrapping another in bubblewrap. Decided it was best not to ask.
  • 17:24:58: Rain showers prevent progress on refinishing windows, but I'm too anxious right now to decide to take the night off. Maybe it'll let up.
  • 18:22:03: Spooky: have had "Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff" running through my head today; just now found out Mary Travers passed away.
  • 19:41:47: Final piece of crown installed; heard angels sing as I popped it in. This clearly calls for bad Chinese food. Installation count: 68/72.
  • 19:47:57: Correction: bad Chinese food and bourbon.
  • 20:53:10: RT @BeelJDPhD: Prometheus v Mayo: method of optimizing found transformative under Bilski. Very big for biotech. http://bit.ly/l1qze [PDF]

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Tags: home alteration, teh law, tweets

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