Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

From Twitter 10-13-2009

  • 12:28:35: I wonder if there's ever been an "A" or "B" battery type.
  • 12:31:44: I wonder if anyone who read my last tweet was prompted to research the answer.
  • 12:33:20: Because I do that ALL THE TIME.
  • 12:49:42: Via @sanguinity: They were sizes handy for vacuum tube devices. T'was never an A or B in current scheme. http://bit.ly/4l5ba (Thanks!)
  • 18:24:17: It makes me stupidly happy when the D-shaped ice cubes the fridge makes form themselves into a ball when I pour water in the glass.
  • 18:29:18: Interestingly, the same phenomenon tends to anger Nicole.
  • 20:14:29: Ginger shortbread = unexpectedly delicious.
  • 21:19:22: Our experiment tonight is keeping the cat awake so she'll let us sleep.

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