Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 11:21 So. Much. Leftover. Pie.
    (Note: not complaining.)

  • 12:22 Off to a mini-reunion of some high school friends.

  • 14:09 Man, for a bunch of old folks, we look pretty good.

  • 15:27 About a dozen of my friends' kids are in the next room all shouting a line-by-line to Monty Python's Holy Grail. It's surreal.

  • 18:51 Lately I've been purposefully mistyping reCAPTCHAs to test the acceptability threshold. Just curious. Or maybe I'm actually a clever bot.

  • 19:06 RT @ourpdx: PDX needs to unite in solidarity behind our water-deprived west side brethren: let's all start drinking wine/beer/gin/bourbon.

  • 20:10 Couldn't decide between a cup of coffee and a glass of beer, so settled for a couple fingers of bourbon.

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