Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 09:43 Had Betsy and Steve over for dinner last night. We haven't played euchre for a while, but Nic and I remembered how to get shellacked.

  • 09:44 Also tested the wine chiller we gave them; results indicate it cools a bottle of wine perhaps 5% faster than refrigeration.

  • 09:45 Today's plans might include a trip to the mall, just cuz we're gluttons for punishment.

  • 15:02 Opted instead for a quick swing through downtown, if by swing you mean crawl.

  • 17:30 All the shopping that'll happen today has happened. Off to Salem for Dad's WMC Christmas concert!

  • 22:17 After-show drinks and nosh with the fam @ Thompsons. Goofiness ensues, as always. We won't see them again til after Christmas.

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