Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 12:00 So tired. Walked across the street this morning at about 3 to ask the neighbors to keep it down. They complied, but sleep did not return.

  • 15:20 Stitches out, packing tape on! twitpic.com/zwxp7

  • 17:03 Help: if I don't have a dutch oven (to cook a stew in), what can I use instead? Or is this a really, really dumb question?

  • 17:59 Thanks everyone for the schoolin!

  • 18:45 RT @TheSquare: Oden: "Those pictures were taken over a year and a half ago. I've grown since then." #dontthinkthatcameoutright

  • 20:59 In bed before 9, and chompin' down a mouthful of melatonin. Hopefully neighbors stay quiet tonight, because I needs me some Zs.
This morning (so far:)
  • 08:56 Not a peep from the neighbors last night. Slept like a ROCK.

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