Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 09:20 It's a walk-off - Zoolander 2 seems to be a reality. I'm all giddy! bit.ly/9QsXXy

  • 10:10 Amazing - Roger Ebert will speak again, pretty much due to having spoken so much before: bit.ly/cOXb7c

  • 12:31 From the sound of it, they're having a World's Worst Rapper competition in the PioSquare right now.

  • 12:49 Followed by bagpipes, and now a dude who sounds like he really, REALLY wants to be Bruce Springsteen.

  • 13:02 I take it back. The dude actually sounds like he really, really wants to be the guy who recorded the "St. Elmo's Fire" song.

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