Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 13:54 Birthday gym visit complete, birthday sushi eaten.

  • 15:28 Birthday pimpin' leather sofa ordered. OK, not really a birthday sofa, it's for the new house. Ordering it today just makes it more fun.

  • 17:10 Birthday haul! twitpic.com/18041n

  • 17:21 Our reception venue scheduled its annual menu tasting for tonight, so birthday dinner will be Saturday instead.

  • 19:21 En route with my awesome fiancée @thatsassylassie to birthday Mike Doughty show! @abrichar and @mmmmbobo also rumored to be in attendance!

  • 19:55 And @aardammit showed up too!

  • 20:08 All them tremendous brunettes around. twitpic.com/181536

  • 21:03 OH: "I'm wearing terrible underwear for what I just texted."

  • 21:34 Oh man. Drunk @mikedoughtyyeah.
This morning (so far):
  • 08:21 Passed a tree that had fallen on a parked car, and entangled a still-occupied one, on my rainy, windy bike commute in.

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