Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 11:31 I jaywalk a lot, but not into the path of oncoming traffic. This distinguishes me from about 95% of the pedestrians in downtown PDX today.

  • 19:34 Swooning. The cheese plate at The Observatory includes ridiculously large chunks of bacon, on skewers. twitpic.com/1b5p25
This morning (so far):
  • 08:21 Nic: "Power's out." Me: "S'ok." Nic: "Well the coffe grinder is electric." Me [Darth Vader]: "NOOOOOOOOO!!"

  • pandora math

    Interestingly, by rating so many songs played on my default Pandora stream (which is creatively titled "Radio Radio") that I think I've crippled the…

  • this weekend ...

    Well ... starting Friday I guess. We're flying down tomorrow. 90+ in Austin. :) http://acl08.sched.org/teamawesome

  • ACL Radio

    I made ... or am trying to make a Pandora radio station featuring artists from the ACL 2008 lineup, to get myself more acquainted with a bunch of…

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