Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,


  • 10:12 One way to make last morning in Vegas action-packed: waking up 2hrs later than intended. Staying up til 4 didn't help, I suppose.

  • 13:29 On first leg of what has to be stupidest itinerary home ever: scheduled to arrive @ PDX in 8 hours.

  • 17:33 SFO is apparently the most unfortunate airport in which to have a craving for fast food.

  • 17:38 Somewhat embarrassingly hoping this burger tastes Whopperlike.

  • 18:15 It didn't, but sure hit the spot. Now on standby for a delayed flight that just might get me home an hour sooner.

  • 22:48 Had such a good time, but it's so great to be home.

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