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Supposed to get up to 70 today or something ridiculous. Bright and blue outside right now. I'd be more enthusiastic but for the project sitting on my desk that needs to be filed on Monday and the more I write, the further I get away from completing it. I'll definitely be here this weekend, and I'm pretty sure my boss will bill only about 10% of the actual time I'm putting in.

Gripe, gripe, gripe.

No diet posts for a few days, pretty much because I've been working on this $%^! thing non-stop. Suffice it to say the food's been as per usual, with no running at all this week except on Tuesday, weight it holding steady at 5 pounds less than when I started, and I haven't been cheating.

Please go outside and enjoy this weather for me! :)

= = =

I don't know why, but I just recalled a conversation I had with a friend on what NOT to name a coffee shop. I can only remember "The Steamy Bean."

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