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  • 14:08 Hey Classmates.com - don't shoot the messenger, but you might want to check out this website called "Facebook." Now quit e-mailing me.

  • 17:00 One can learn much about popular Japanese cuisine by what is and is not included in the emoji character set.
This morning (so far):
  • 07:31 Ditched bike in favor of bus today. Sick of rain I guess. This passing cyclist thus shamed me: twitpic.com/1pouw1

  • 07:44 I've also forgotten my bus strategy. Sit in front or back? Converse with sullen, staring stranger or not?

  • 07:55 OK, one more time for the new folks: on the dry areas of sidewalk under awnings, those WITH umbrellas yield right-of-way to those WITHOUT.

  • 08:39 Google celebrates Pac-Man's 30th birthday today and tomorrow with a special logo. Wait about 20 seconds and chase some ghosts!

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